Thanks God for Flat Earth



Knowing about the flat earth is not necessarily a form of spiritual insight. It’s just reality. We need to be humble and praise the Creator.


Satellite made with Duct Tape and Gold Foil



That Satellite is going to withstand 2500 degree temperatures outside the atmosphere, Meteor Storms, space junk, Radiation, Plasma, Friction, Gamma Rays, Solar Flares, Mechanical Failures, Human Error, Computer Glitches, who’s going to refill the Rocket Propellants to keep it in orbit? and whos going to reset Microsoft Windows when it needs a hard reset?

Don’t worry Miss, You ask to many questions for being a woman. You see I am a 100% Certified Genius Engineer from NASA and I have this Satellite wrapped in Gold Foil put together with Duct Tape just like the Lunar Lander and it will never need to be repaired for anything. Murphy’s Law doesn’t count in space. Trust me, Im a Scientist.

More Young Earth “Reasons”


earth is around 6018 years old according to Bible backed by science

Evidences that show Universe is 6000
– no much settlement in bottom of the ocean despite erosion
– comet w/ ice, knowing they lose ice and mass constantly specially when they near sun
– Jupiter still hot, despite loosing heat rapidly
– Ocean is not too salty despite evaporation
– world population, if humans have been here for more than 85 million years, we should have by now more than 1 trillion people
– spire arms on galaxies despite all the spinning
– only 30 supernova fragment has being found
– moon is moving away from us, 1” every year, that means it used to be closer, if it was closer, the 1000 feet wave would have kill every living things
– we still have coments, coments don’t last more than 10000years
– no dated documented painting older than 6000
– logic tells you nothing on constant movement and organic last to long, your body if good example of that, 6000 is already a lot years for universe
– human history is less than 6000 years from discoveries to colonization, showing humans have being not too long in this planet.
– no much accumulation of dust on moon knowing moon accumilate more than million of tons of dust from outer space every year
– earth is gradually slowing down but still rotating
– earth has no yet reach equilibrium, it has been calculated that would take 28000 years for earth’s atmosphere to reach equilibrium, that means earth is less than 30000 years