Thanks God for Flat Earth



Knowing about the flat earth is not necessarily a form of spiritual insight. It’s just reality. We need to be humble and praise the Creator.


Talking serious

Now it’s time to start some posts out of the comedy. There are more than idiot questions. You can find people been idiot as a job.

So, the idiots questions and answers will be in a main Comedy category.

Inside the new Comments category I’ll share what this planet have as more disgusting. Posts that are unbelievable, things said that have no sense at all. People that try to force them believe by emotion because there is not enough reason to support. Example below where the reality is precisely the opposite. How never heard about Galileo?

The biggest question is: How we humans come to a point where we get this kind of things? And why? How and why are the questions that move science. Why I’m treating some “why” questions as idiotic? Note that people doing the questions have no intention to hear an answer. They are heavily biased. Not satisfied on mentioning that they are biased I’ll show what we can find around and let you take your conclusion.

See ya.