Genetic Breeding or Splicing


A monkey can’t become another species of monkey without the genetic code, breeding or splicing DNA no other way.


Salamanders producing Salamander

Fullscreen capture 5142014 70929 AM.bmp

Wow  2 kinds of Salamanders producing a Salamander. Looks like another case of genetic variation by natural selection being falsely portrayed as evolution. if  it were evolution the Salamander would produce another kind of animal not another salamander. SMH. AND ALL THAT UNIVERSITY RESEARCH MONEY ON STUDYING SOMETHING THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN NO MATTER HOW THEY SPIN IT.  Unless they discover how to create DNA from scratch (which DNA itself disproves evolution by showing Complex Information which screams intelligent design) then it would be DNA creation which would still disprove evolution as someone would have to CREATE IT!!!. BUT KEEP ON TRYING BABY. If this were baseball you guys would be batting o out of 2,000,000.00 and I’m being nice. That gives you a record of 0 and 74,074. Evolutionist have never won a game  yet they have more fans then all the top major sports teams combined.
Comment posted on Youtube video Example of Evolution Occurring NOW.