Genetic Breeding or Splicing


A monkey can’t become another species of monkey without the genetic code, breeding or splicing DNA no other way.


After Apes to Humans, What’s Next?


btw evolution must be an ongoing process. If humans evolved by apes, then something must evolve by humans too. If humans were evolved from apes it’s impossible that there’s no form of them that’s not completely transformed.

Only Three Ways to Make an “Apeman”

From the Amazing Source of Bull2@#$@#, Answer in Genesis.


Knowing from Scripture that God didn’t create any apemen, there are only three ways for the evolutionist to create one:

  1. Combine ape fossil bones with human fossil bones and declare the two to be one individual—a real “apeman.”
  2. Emphasize certain humanlike qualities of fossilized ape bones, and with imagination upgrade apes to be more humanlike.
  3. Emphasize certain apelike qualities of fossilized human bones, and with imagination downgrade humans to be more apelike.

These three approaches account for all of the attempts by evolutionists to fill the unbridgeable gap between apes and men with fossil apemen.