Spinning Ball


If earth is a spinning ball, then waterfalls would be impossible. If you were on a globe spinning, you would fall out that mountain and not get hurt.


Flat Earth Ignorants

“These buildings are 59 miles away. If the earth is a ball like we are indoctrinated to believe, the ground at the base if the buildings would be 2320 below the horizon. Worse yet the illustration below is incorrect as the building would be leaning away from our view point. How is this possible?”



The Reason is Because it Hasn’t Happened


He asserts, without proof, that macroevolution is occurring today, while admitting that one can’t see it happening….The real reason why nobody has ever seen it is because it hasn’t happened!

By Do-While Jones at the Why Evolution is False blog which is pseudo-scientifically reviewing Why Evolution is True book from Jerry Coyne.