Genetic Breeding or Splicing


A monkey can’t become another species of monkey without the genetic code, breeding or splicing DNA no other way.


The Reason is Because it Hasn’t Happened


He asserts, without proof, that macroevolution is occurring today, while admitting that one can’t see it happening….The real reason why nobody has ever seen it is because it hasn’t happened!

By Do-While Jones at the Why Evolution is False blog which is pseudo-scientifically reviewing Why Evolution is True book from Jerry Coyne.

Evidence for Kind Evolution

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It’s still a lizard. I have found the religion of macro evolution is just a tax scam in the realm of science. There is no evidence of one kind of animal to another, none, been through thousands now and I have nothing! Species is just a variation in its kind, but no genomic transition for example a cat to a dog or a monkey to man, its simply been a lie.